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What is Social Media Optimization (SMO)-(Top 5 Proven Strategies)


Social Media Optimization: DigiDwar

SEO techniques are used to expand the reach of internet-created content. It is an essential part of any Digital Marketing strategy. We can guarantee that the content created by the company is ranked among the first results on the SERPs by understanding the search algorithms' criteria.

However, dominating the search results page is unsatisfactory for a brand looking to maximise its relationship with its digital audience. Due to the constant growth of social networks, they are essential for strengthening the company's online presence. As a result, a strategy aimed at them can be beneficial and this is where Social Media Optimization assists businesses. It's a concept that, when used correctly, can optimise and maximise the impact of social media use.

What is SMO?

SMO is an acronym for the concept of Social Media Optimization. The idea is to use social media as a catalyst to boost and consolidate your brand's online presence by applying specific techniques. To understand SMO, consider the massive growth that social networks have experienced in recent years. Instagram, where 80% of profiles follow at least one brand account, is increasingly attracting investment from companies that see its potential.

As a result, these channels are becoming core elements of Content Marketing strategies applied globally. The amount of content produced has reached high levels. As a result, creating original as well as relevant posts is difficult. The important thing to remember is that, as more businesses invest in social media, Google adapts its algorithm to consider page engagement as a ranking factor. That means that, in addition to traditional SEO techniques, now it is necessary to create content that receives an increasing number of likes and shares than any of its competitors.

Social Media optimization Tools

At DigiDwar, we teach our students how and when to help businesses get the most out of SMO by using the best Social Media Optimization tools, that are the best, tested by millions, and certified by the world's top marketers. Here is the list of the best social media optimization tools.


Hootsuite is the best social media management tool. It is in a different league than the majority of the others. Hootsuite is an enterprise-level social media management software with over 10 million active users worldwide. From the Hootsuite dashboard, you can not only create, curate, share, and schedule campaigns on various social media platforms, but also analyse them. Furthermore, Hootsuite subscribers have access to its 'team management tools,' which allow you and your team to create and manage SMM campaigns in real time. Hootsuite reports are clear and precise to the point of being extremely focused on data and performance metrics.


Buffer is an easy-to-use, streamlined social media management platform used by small businesses and individuals to drive meaningful social media engagement and results. Social media can be the quickest and most cost-effective way to increase your following as well as grow your business. It can, however, consume all of your time. Buffer will advise you on when and what to publish in order for your content to stand out. Also, it will distribute your content to the appropriate channels, along with suggested hashtags, to help you grow.


AgoraPulse provides a centralised dashboard for managing all of your social media channels. However, the analytics it provides to users is incredible. Its analytics software is available in three versions: for agencies, small businesses, and large brands. Furthermore, it has a unique 'zero inbox' feature that notifies you of which tweets have been replied to, which posts have been commented on, and what hasn't been handled so far. As a result, AgoraPulse simplifies the job of an SMO.

Sprout Social

Like Hootsuite, Sprout Social combines a variety of social media tools into a single platform, including social media scheduling, monitoring, and reporting. Sprout Social is among the few social media management tools with customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. Having a comprehensive profile of your customers allows you to better serve them and develop stronger bonds with them.


One of the most featured tools on the SMO tools list, SocialOomph has evolved the least in terms of functionality over the years, but it still retains its efficacy as well as accuracy when it comes to automating Twitter & Facebook posts across multiple accounts for long periods of time.


Sendible is a SMO tool for businesses with multiple clients. Sendible, in addition to the majority of features provided by social media management tools, allows users to customise the dashboard to attract new clients. Sendible's integrations are impressive, including the Canva graphics editor with royalty-free image search, as well as YouTube search. It also offers some automation for those seeking to save time on repetitive tasks.


Every day, social media managers must juggle paid, owned, and earned social media campaigns. SocialFlow comes to the rescue by providing SMO specialists with specific post, pin, and tweet recommendations that marketers can repost, reshare, or retweet in order to build an active follower base. Furthermore, a SocialFlow user uses the tool to analyse campaigns based on keywords and hashtags.

Social Media Optimization Strategies

Here are some of the SMO strategies which are one of the major parts of the strategy of Social Media Marketing:

Content Strategy

Maintain the uniqueness and personality of your social media presence. Use creative ideas as well as innovation. Think outside the box to create content that brings out emotions and responses from customers. It's simple to intrigue people's interest when you create content which connects with the audience, irrespective of your brand.

Optimising Profile

Introducing incentives to your social media profiles as needed increases their chances of being viewed and shared. Make your content profile visually appealing to attract more views and shares. The text and colours should complement the profile while also creating an atmosphere that brings out emotional responses. To make more visually appealing material, use an image creation tool. It intrigues the interest of people of all ages and from different demographics. Colours bring information to life and work wonders in content marketing. They easily draw attention and make any ordinary post stand out. Colours on social media sites increase the likelihood that your content will be viewed and engaged and it is an important part of the strategy of social media marketing.

Adding Social Media Badge to Website

Building links is essential for increasing traffic and reach on the internet and social media. High-quality inbound and outbound connections can help you expand your social media reach. It increases the visibility of your social media account as well as helps in acquiring more likes, followers, and subscribers. External links to your social media content on your website increase the likelihood that search engines will learn more about your site. Make high quality content but also connect it to high-page-ranking external links.Choose themes that make people share your content as soon as possible.

Making Contact With Influencers

Make contact with influential business people. Get your brand in front of social media influencers. Social media influencers can be found on a variety of platforms, and sharing your content with them will boost the number of people who visit your social media handles as well as the visibility of your brand. Social media influencers' sharing increased traffic but also followers by 90%. You can build relationships with influencers and raise your company's visibility.

Engaging with appropriate Social Media Sites

Content that performs well on one social media platform may not perform well on another. Choose from a variety of social media networks and set content objectives for each. Create a strategy based on who you want to reach and what industry you would like to promote. Make wise plans to build a brand that will help your business grow. When you evaluate and organise your social media content, you increase your chances of getting the desired response.

Why is SMO important?

Following are the reasons which will explain you why SMO is important for businesses to grow:

Less social media marketing costs

Today, any budget that considers a company's marketing and advertising efforts must include a section for social media use. After all, the ad platforms provided by channels such as Facebook and Instagram, while paid, allow for the launch of effective campaigns. It turns out that this efficiency can only be achieved through research into consumer behaviour, demographic characteristics, and interests. This is due to the ads which use a targeting tool that allows for the targeting of an extremely specific audience.

Integration of social media and other channels

It is important to expand the channels through which you publish content. You also understand that having a large number of channels is pointless if they are not integrated coherently. This includes everything from the posted content to page design decisions. After all, both the brand's message and its visual identity are critical components of quality branding. As a result, consistency is required across all channels.

Reduced possibility of content shock

Global content production is expanding at an increasing rate, posing a challenge for experts in the field? In addition, we have the human limitation of not being able to consume all of the content produced by the internet. So, by providing far more than the demand, you must develop clever strategies to make sure that your content is consumed. SMO is the most effective way to achieve this goal.

With optimised and relevant content, you can stay one step ahead of the competition and position your brand at the top. This means that when presented with content from both you and your competitor, the client will automatically choose the one that represents your brand.

Maximum engagement and audience interaction

The relationship between both the brand and its customers is an important factor in the success of the business. This is because the current public views businesses as equals. Several brands are now investing in strategies to position themselves as customer-friendly. This is why so many email marketing campaigns are using the sender's first name in an attempt to establish a more personal connection with the lead.


There is nothing much to differentiate in SEO Vs SMO as SEO focuses on increasing your website's ranking and ability to attract visitors through search engines like Google and SMO concentrates on generating traffic through social media platforms. Both SEO and SMO operate in different areas, but they have an impact on one another. The primary goal of both SEO and SMO is to increase traffic to your website. It is logical that they should collaborate to bring in as much traffic as possible to the business. Though no one truly knows how many different factors affect a website's Google ranking position, it is clear that social signals do influence SEO rankings indirectly.

Social Media optimization Examples

There are many different companies and organisations that are perfect social media optimization examples that engage people as they are informative with perfectly optimised pages that really are consistent, audience-specific and engaging.


NASA's social media profiles have a lot of things right. Their Facebook page, for example, has an attractive profile picture and all of the necessary information to assist visitors who wish to learn more.


Starbucks is another very good social media example as Starbucks' social media profiles make use of their world-famous logo. They're using social media to position themselves as a neighbourhood coffee shop rather than a global coffee chain.

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