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About Us

About Digi Dwar - Digital Marketing Institute in Rohini, Delhi

Everything in the modern world is digitalized, and the internet's rapid development has changed it all from online shopping to ordering food to booking tickets. To be a part of this change, it is crucial that each of us are aware of the most modern techniques. If we are ready, we have already won half the battle. DigiDwar guarantees to provide organised, extremely affordable coaching and training. Without planning, things can go in the wrong direction as you won't know how much time, money, skill, or even other resources are needed to make your career in this digital era.

Digital Marketing is the basis of all the new start ups as well as big organisations. All of them are using the innovative strategies involved in online marketing to grow their business. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Google Analytics, Google Adwords etc. are some of the prominent fields in digital marketing.

DigiDwar will provide you with the best experience in learning digital marketing. DigiDwar is the unit of TIPS EDUCATIONAL TRUST along with the TIPS for career institute which provides you with the best coaching of B.Ed course and provides counselling for various college courses in Haryana. TIPS institute is in the field of Education since 2005, Head office is located in Rohini, New Delhi.

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DigiDwar is dedicated to providing quality training in a variety of courses in line with industry standards, in order to meet the industry's real-time demands. When you ask for the details about the course we provide, you will be contacted by our digital marketing expert, someone who has experience with the skills and knowledge you want for your career.

DigiDwar has a diverse group of skilled and trained instructors, each with a unique approach in the growth of digital marketing. We aspire to do our best to improve students' abilities so that they stand out from the crowd and their contribution automatically makes a difference. We will tell you the different strategies used in internet marketing like how to increase traffic on your website, improve the presence of your business on social media sites or how to write specific content according to the google’s algorithm requirements.




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Our vision is to make students digital marketing professionals who are highly knowledgeable with practical experience in the field of digital marketing, so that they can help the industry grow. They become a success story for others, inspiring them to join this field and develop in it. We promise our students to provide them with the information and tactics to use the strategies in this field as to how to grow with them and build a better future out of it.


Our mission is to increase the practical knowledge of digital marketing so that the students become confident in their respective fields or careers. We are mainly concerned with your educational needs, and if this course is not right for you, we won't force you to join that course. A different course will be recommended to you based on your professional and career development.

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